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Name:Dr. Zook
"But in this night we'll feast and we will fight and keep these fires burning until the dawn.
And if we make it to see the morning light, we'll sing an errant wanderer's song of hangmen, heroes, lovers, and pawns."

[MINSK - 'Holy Flower of the North Star']

(1) I listen to music. Mostly dark and heartfelt. Intense and harsh. Death and Black Metal, Post Rock, New Weird / Neo Folk, Rock, Classical music, Grindcore, Drones and Doom, Sludge, Ambient. I have almost no limits and borders.

(2) I read. Books and scientific journals, comics and fanfiction. Yaoi/slash. Obviously ever present fandoms: Saiyuki, Blade of the Immortal, the Bible, Weiß Kreuz, Sherlock Holmes (Downey movies), The Eagle of the Ninth, Krabat. I can be lured into other things as well.

(3) I write. Fanfiction and original stories; sometimes poems. These days you can find the more recent stuff over at my AO3 account, older fumblings can also be found somwhere in the imported depths of this DW account.

(4) I'm no English native speaker. I tend to mix AE and BE, put comma where I think they look good (or at least don't bother me) and probably have some really gruesome syntax. I could apologize for this, but I rather settle for some warning instead. ;)

(5) I like making (new) friends! Just don't friend me out of nowhere: drop me a line, if you happened to stumble over me in the net and we haven't met elsewhere.

(6) I'm over 21. Trust me on this or leave it.

Interests (144):

10k, 16 horsepower, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, 393, 585, agalloch, alejandro jodorowsky, alexandre cabanel, amorphis, anathema, angel sanctuary, anotsu kagehisa, attila's treasure, black metal, blade of the immortal, blame!, bob dylan, bolt thrower, bronzino, burning witch, caravaggio, celeste, cilian murphy, cinnamon, cold meat industry, cooking, cosmologies, cultural anthropology, current 93, céline, darkthrone, death metal, delacroix, devendra banhart, devotion, dismember, doom, drones, dying fetus, electric wizard, fawlty towers, fight club, fleet foxes, flight of the conchords, galaxies, gasmasks, grindcore, gustave moreau, hangmen, herbert draper, hugh grant movies, invader zim, jean delville, joris-karl huysmans, katatonia, khanate, kirk/spock, krabat, kurosaki nagare, la haine, led zeppelin, lightbringer, liriaen's writing, lost souls, mad hatter/astaroth, madrugada, magatsu taito, mayhem, mercenaries, minsk, movies, mythology, neo folk, nick cave, noise, ordo rosarius equilibrio, paradise lost, passion, pat barker, patrick mcgrath, pink floyd, pj harvey, post rock, ramesses, ravenous, ren & stimpy, renaissance, robert carlyle, rome, saiyuki, sentenced, sepulchral culture, shamans, six organs of admittance, slash, smut, sol invictus, spiritual front, splatter movies, star trek: ds9, star trek: voyager, stars, stephan grundy, subculture, sunn o))), sunn0))), symbolism, sólstafir, tadanobu asano, takashi miike movies, tenhi, tentacles, the bible, the doors, the great war, the holy mountain, the lieutnant nun, the satanic mill, the winchester club, thyrfing, tolkien, traitors, trenches, tricksters, tropic thunder, u.s. christmas, ufomammut, venice, vikings, vines, void of silence, walnut trees, weiß kreuz, whips, wild adapter, william turner, world war i, woven hand, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yoga, zombies, ísland
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